Why work with us?

Working with Marie and Redframe Creative was lots of fun--pure pleasure; in fact, in some ways I hate to see it end. I think that's because the process was a true collaboration, which is what made this experience so enjoyable. Marie provided a creative design framework that allowed each of us to bring our own sensibilities to the project. The finished product reflects that synergy--not only of the four of us, but of the four thought leaders and the eight practitioners. You can sense everyone's part in the booklets!
Daryl Fischer, Musynergy

We so appreciated your ability to grasp the meaning behind the content and really bring it to life through the combination of design, our images, and stock photos. This was particularly impressive since you were hitting it “cold.” In addition, we very much appreciated your responsiveness to multiple reviewers and comments, your own lively intelligence brought to review of the two booklets and your focus on getting it right! It was a pleasure to work with you.
Randy Roberts and Rachel Tooker,
Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA

A winning combination of art and technology

Redframe Creative is a graphic design and visual communications firm located in Grand Haven, Michigan. We work hard to provide competitively priced, creative marketing materials for businesses, and organizations that will help them stand out from the rest. We offer companies a fresh perspective regarding corporate identity, visual communication and website design.


Meet the owner

Marie Kar has a unique blend of analytical and creative skills. She brings her creativity, agency level experience and years of programming to the table to help you achieve your goals for your communication projects. This competitive edge allows her to have both an aesthetic design focus as well as rational, business ideas that add value to the service offerings.


To view more of Marie’s portfolio work completed while working at a local advertising agency, visit:


How we work

  1. We begin with a meeting over the phone or face to face depending on your location to gather information on your project objectives, target audience, and tone of the project.
  2. We develop a proposal/contract stating the project deliverables, costs, and expectations.
  3. Once we receive a signed contract along with the agreed upon deposit, we get to work researching what is out there, what your competition is doing, and how we can best reach your audience.
  4. Then begins the funs stuff: brainstorming, sketching, and developing rough concepts. After narrowing down the concepts to a few that stand out, we prepare the designs to present.
  5. When the designs are ready we meet to present them in person or can email them depending on proximity. We let our customers mull them over and let us know what concept they want to go with and if any edits are needed.
  6. We then work to finalize the design and send it to the printer or move it into programming. Once all is complete, we deliver the finished project and train our customers on how to implement and use the final product.