Announcing our New Brand

Rebranding a company isn’t easy – besides the fun stuff of brainstorming a memorable name, developing a new logo, designing cool business cards, getting the website up and running; also comes the headaches of setting up a new business dba, getting the bank account inline, setting up email addresses and so forth. However, it will be worth it to better reach our local and global market.

So here it goes, we proudly announce our new brand: Redframe Creative

Redframe Creative, previously known as Duneside Design, has been born to showcase our design services in a bold, modern, exciting manner. We want the world to know that we are here to help businesses frame their brand in new ways that make them stand out from their competition. We help our clients harness the power of design and make their promotional materials look so good that they may even want to display them their mantel. Just like a new frame can make all the difference for a photo, Redframe Creative can make your message attract the attention it deserves.

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