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Redframe Creative recently wrapped up a publication design project with a dedicated group of leaders from the Crocker Art Museum and Musynergy whose mission, through an Institute of Museum and Library Services funded project, is to build capacity to better serve family audiences. Their journey began with site visits to art museums across the country who share the goal of “cultivating creativity for all ages.” This collaboration led to the development of the “Best Practices in Cultivating Family Audiences” booklet that summarizes eight goals to help keep pace with emerging trends and better serve family audiences.

The staff and board members from the Crocker took the project a step further and invited staff from the museums they had visited to a “larger reflective” process that included presentations from four highly regarded thought leaders in the profession. Various topics were covered like taking risks in experimentation, learning from failures, engaging the community, and the tension between acquiring collections and serving the audience. These musings have been recorded in the “Pushing Our Practice with Museum Thought Leaders” booklet along with illustrations from a graphic recorder who drew visual representations of the speakers’ presentations in real time.

The goal of these booklets is to summarize what was learned over the year-and-a-half-long collaboration and to share this knowledge with museum colleagues across the country. If your organization would like a copy of the booklets please contact us.

Here’s a sneak peek into one of the booklets:

Museum Booklet Cover Design museum-thought-leaders-booklet-intro museum-thought-leaders-booklet-page1 museum-thought-leaders-booklet-page2 museum-thought-leaders-booklet-page3


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