Time to Get SMOed: Social Media Optimized

SMOed [smoh uhd]
1. social media optimized to build trust and engage with a website’s audience.

2. a company’s ability to integrate social media into traditional forms of marketing.


SMOed is a term I recently heard at a Direct Marketing Symposium during a presentation given by John Sawyer from Grey Matter Group and Timothy Haines from TechBridge. It means to optimize social media channels to reach your consumers and engage in conversation with them.

Build trust and engage with your website audience

People are spending so much time connecting, sharing and posting with their friends online that they are beginning to expect the same connectivity in all aspects of their online experience. Businesses need to take this amazing opportunity to build trust and exposure through the power of social media. A potential customer is much more likely to trust a recommendation of another consumer or peer than that of a nicely polished ad written by experienced copywriters and designed to meet a perceived need drummed up by “Mad Men” in the boardroom. I know I am much more likely to buy a product with lots of great reviews from people like me who have tried it.

Integrate social media into traditional forms of marketing

As with all advances in technology, each movement improves upon the last. Instead of replacing the older media altogether, advancements add to the many options available.  Books have not gone obsolete due to the e-reader, “snail” mail still exists along with e-mail, land lines have not gone the way of the dinosaur yet. Likewise, social media can compliment traditional media. Incorporating social media into print material by placing a QR code on a business card that links to a social media profile or adding social media links to a brochure can combine the various media and make marketing efforts even more effective.

Practical steps to get SMOed

Here at Redframe Creative, I spent the morning checking our SMOedness against the following check list I compiled from the Direct Marketing Symposium presentation:

  1. Have you put social media badges on your website for visitors to easily connect with your business?
  2. Is your content easily shared with share buttons?
  3. Does your site allow for social sign-in?
  4. Do you ask for comments or likes?
  5. Do you include social media links in other marketing communications?

Here are a few resources to help you incorporate the above list:
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Some other info:
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Please comment here on any cool strategies you have tried using social media to engage with your clients or what combination of marketing materials and social media worked for your business. We’d love to hear about it!

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  1. Great article. I need to get SMOed. Thanks.

    Comment by Kevin
    February 13, 2013 at 6:46 am

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