Marie created a recognizable logo that was an instant hit and a boost to catwalk fundraising. She expanded on her initial creation and produced a series of print and electronic pieces that focused attention on our goal and produced dramatic results. We exceeded our million dollar goal on time thanks in large part to the positive image that Marie built for us.

Pat McGinnis
Former City Manager, Grand Haven

I have had the opportunity to work with Marie Kar over the last few years. As a graphic designer and business woman, she has been wonderful. Her ability to understand my needs and put them in action has been outstanding. I have a product call “Benson’s Bottom Paint” which we have been trying to market since 1988. It has gone up and done in sales due to a number of reasons. Since I started working with Marie, to come up with a new look and consistent message to try and market my product, she has used her resources to bring in other people who have worked as a team to help me achieve my goals. My new label design for the product is fresh and eye catching. My sales, even though they are small have been increasing. Marie has been a true professional to work with on this project. I’ve appreciated Marie’s fresh ideas with the design on the “Benson’s Bottom Paint” paint can project. Truly unique.

Randy Dahlquist R.Ph.
Benson’s Bottom Paint, Inc.

Marie (Redframe Creative) is the epitome of a user friendly and professional company. Marie answers emails and phone calls almost before the request is made. Marie works to the satisfaction of the client. She isn’t happy unless the client is happy. Prices are reasonable and the product is usually beyond expectations. If you contract with Marie you will not be disappointed. She is friendly, competent, thorough, timely, and puts the client first. I would not hesitate to give her the highest praise and to recommend her to anyone seeking the highest quality.

Richard L. Baldwin
Buttonwood Press

When we decided to build a new building we started thinking about branding and re-imaging the company. One of the first things we knew we needed was a logo so we turned to Redframe Creative. Marie made it easy by asking the right questions about our vision and she came back with our vision as well as concepts that were variations of it. She made it fast and affordable. Thanks Redframe!

James J. Willison Sr.
Tri City Auto Repair

Marie is a rare and oh-so-talented blend of advanced technological and graphics skill, creative artistry, and “old school” values, commitment and self discipline. I will never use another graphics design professional for my books besides her, and trust her implicitly. She sets the bar high for her work and follows through with amazing reliability.

Garrett L. Turke, Ph.D.

I am very happy with the work Marie has done for my business. She is very easy to communicate with and is very talented at her work! I would highly recommend Red Frame Creative!

Carrie Anne Engels
What a Gem Jewelry

Working with Marie and Redframe Creative was lots of fun—pure pleasure; in fact, in some ways I hate to see it end. I think that’s because the process was a true collaboration, which is what made this experience so enjoyable. Marie provided a creative design framework that allowed each of us to bring our own sensibilities to the project. The finished product reflects that synergy—not only of the four of us, but of the four thought leaders and the eight practitioners. You can sense everyone’s part in the booklets!

Daryl Fischer

We so appreciated your ability to grasp the meaning behind the content and really bring it to life through the combination of design, our images, and stock photos. This was particularly impressive since you were hitting it “cold.” In addition, we very much appreciated your responsiveness to multiple reviewers and comments, your own lively intelligence brought to review of the two booklets and your focus on getting it right! It was a pleasure to work with you.

Randy Roberts and Rachel Tooker,
Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA